Gloucester Salvation Army Band

Imagine the scene... A public fair is taking place with many people flocking to enjoy the spectacle and the worldly entertainment offered at that fair. The local Salvation Army Hall stands just a stone’s throw away and the members see an opportunity to be seen and to spread the gospel. With no other means at their disposal they take up whistles and march through the streets of Gloucester to provide a counter attraction that could lead to the saving of souls.

A little far fetched? Well maybe in today’s society, but this was the very event that started the activities of the Salvation Army Band in Gloucester way back in 1880. Since that time the whistles have been transformed into brass band instruments and, hopefully, are played with a little more sophistication but the motivation and purpose of the band remains the same – to tell people about the power of Jesus Christ and what He can do in the lives of ordinary men and women.

Gloucester Salvation Army Band

The settings for performance are many and varied (as you can see from the list of events below). From the chapel in Gloucester prison to the solemnity and grandeur of the Cathedral the band has found this opportunity. The band has travelled extensively around the country as well as in Holland.

Under the leadership of Bandmaster Phil Webb, the band tries to play in a variety of styles from the traditional marches through to a wide range of more contemporary brass band styles. Soloists bring variety to a programme and we are grateful to have talented individuals who can offer so much.

No matter where we find ourselves, as a band our sole purpose is to relay the news of the gospel in a style and method that is appropriate and our prayer is that God will continue to use us and bless us in our ministry both now and in the future. We’ve come a long way since those Salvationists marched with their whistles but there are still many who have not heard the word of God and so the mission remains.

The band is supported by Gloucester Salvation Army Training Band, where people of all ages and abilities can learn to play brass and percussion instruments in the context of our church. The Training Band participates weekly in our Sunday morning service at 10:30am and is currently led by Bandmaster Cliff Matthews.

If you would like to invite the Band or Training Band to play at an event you're planning, please contact our church office administrator who will be pleased to put you in touch.

Forthcoming Events

Sun 7 Jul 2024 3:00pm
Riverside Songs of Praise
St Peters Church Minsterworth
Senior Band
Mon 2 Dec 2024 6:30pm
Christmas Memorial Service
Gloucester Crematorium
Senior Band
Tue 17 Dec 2024 7:30pm
Ecclesiastical Carol Concert
Gloucester Cathedral
Senior Band
Thu 19 Dec 2024 7:30pm
Christmas Carol Concert
St Oswald's Village
Senior Band, Songsters